General Sports Betting Tips

Sports Betting Tips: The Not So Generic Tips 

Tip 1: Keep Your Cool
Right now the most important part of sports betting is to realize you aren’t winning every game. It’s absolutely inevitable you will lose at some point. First, get over it. You cannot treat sports bets like you’re playing a game in the casino where there are odds for and against you. Unlike playing Blackjack where you can progressively bet to get your money back quickly, sports betting isn’t that mathematically friendly. It’s actually more like when someone cuts you off in the middle of the highway and then gives you the finger. Unforgiving. Just because you lost doesn’t mean the odds move into your favor on the next game or the next game after that. If you like sports betting, chances are you’re going to be looking at the odds come Super Bowl time. For 15 years I’ve watched a friend of mine bet the Superbowl, with the spread, and lose. For 15 straight years! You come to the point in time where you start wanting to bet the streak, or in this case start making money off your friend by betting the other side. We’ve all been there. Then you hit the conundrum. Is this the year my friend is actually going to turn it around? Again, if it’s the game of Blackjack eventually it has to turn back in your favor, but in the sports world it never has too. The point is you need to keep your cool and don’t chase. Sports betting is the streakiest of all betting. When you’re hot you’re hot and when you’re cold, you’re freezing. Take time off, regroup, and don’t place that Sunday Night Football bet because you lost every game during the day. Find the right game and get back on track. Otherwise, take a knee until you can find that next win.

Tip 2: Love to Hate Parlays
We all love a juicy parlay. Not many can resist. It’s eye opening when you put that bet in and the odds jump your original bet up 2, 3, or maybe even 10 times. Let’s go! Let’s not. You want to make money, straight bet. I’ll say it again, straight bet. Just bet on one team with your money and don’t loop any extra baggage that may affect it. By doing this, you’re maximizing your odds in the broader picture. As tempting as it is, don’t bet the parlays. Now if, and this is a big if, you feel the need to bet a parlay, straight bet each game and then parlay for less than your total exposure. The odds slightly become in your favor when you bet three teams or more and win the majority of games. Again, extremely slight, but at least you can look to come close to even if you don’t win everything.

Tip 3: Don’t Bet What’s on TV
It’s Monday night and you think you have to bet the game. Don’t. Easiest mistake you could make is making a bet because the game is on national television. Your best games to find and cover are the little tiny colleges in the middle of the mountains where there are only 28 students in the school and they’re playing the other school down the road with 27 students enrolled. Those little quite games that no one is keeping an eye on are the games where the lines won’t move abruptly. From there you can do your research on which side to take. Point in case, stay away from the games on TV and bet the small stuff.